Wednesday Morning Leadership Annual Giving, Sept. 9

8:30-11:30 a.m.

A Leadership Annual Giving Half-Day Forum
***Special Wednesday Morning Workshop
with Bob Burdenski, Jennifer Nathan Simoneaux, Tulane University, and
Matthew Busby, CFRE, Del Mar College

It’s an all-morning workshop on all things about leadership annual giving. We’ll talk about the progression from annual donors to major donors, and the nature of relationship-building as donors progress up through the “muddle in the middle” on your giving pyramid.

Some specific forum topics:
✔ What is “leadership annual giving” and why is it the same – and different – everywhere?
✔ How has the pandemic changed leadership annual giving, in some ways for the better?
✔ How do you identify prospects, and with what tools and resources?
✔ How has LinkedIn become a particularly good leadership annual giving resource?
✔ How do you approach prospects?  What channels are most effective?
✔ What role does direct marketing have in leadership annual giving?
✔ What do you talk about with prospects?
✔ How do you effectively use Zoom, and when and how?
✔ How has Zoom elevated prospect visits in some ways?
✔ What materials/collateral do you use, if any?
✔ What contact reporting process does your institution have?
✔ What’s the new business etiquette in a Zoom and pandemic world?
✔ What stewardship and subsequent engagement strategies are effective?
✔ What’s the right role for the use of personal texting and video?
✔ What leadership annual giving tools, tips, and “hacks” help you to do your job?
✔ And how do you define success for leadership annual giving?

Come prepared to share experiences and learn strategies and tactics to make you a better development professional – whether you’re a “digital gift officer” or getting back on the road to engage with donors one-on-one.